Bring the Joy of Harp Into Your Life

If you’re looking to start or continue your journey with the harp, book a call with me to see what your next steps are!

Lesson offerings are currently online only and are best suited to adults and older teens.

“Looking for a new challenge post-retirement, I decided to take harp lessons. I was incredibly nervous but also excited, and Samantha came highly recommended by a trusted friend. Even though I live on the West Coast and she in Winnipeg, and we are in the middle of a pandemic, Samantha made taking lessons so easy, fun, and interactive (using Skype).

I went from plucking one string at a time to accomplishing complex (for me) hand positions and four-note rolled cords. And, I learned the Bass Clef quickly, a huge accomplishment that had always confounded me in the past … under Samantha’s guidance it was so easy. Yes, consistent and regular practicing is important to successfully learning to play the harp, and I do practice every day … however, Samantha’s teaching techniques, explanations, instruction, and encouragement have been key for me to learn the right way and to build my confidence.

I highly recommend Samantha Ballard as a harp teacher for any student, no matter the age and no matter the current competency. She is amazing at inspiring and encouraging even the most nervous of us to enjoy our musical journey."

- Sheila

Samantha Ballard | Little Harp on the Prairie